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Calm Cloths

Red calm cloth

Red calm cloth

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Introducing the ultimate sensory companion - the fidget cloth in red. Unwind and calm your mind with the first-of-its-kind fidget cloth that is made from the softest, smoothest fabric in the world. It's like holding a gentle cloud in your palm.


At 12 inches square, our fidget cloth is generous in size, giving you plenty of material to explore different textures like denim, corduroy, and velvet. And for the ultimate smooth texture experience, you can even fold the cloth into itself. The best part? Unlike many other fidgets, this one is completely silent, so you can use it discreetly at work, school, or anywhere else.

Whether you need a break from a busy day or want to keep your hands busy during a long meeting, the fidget cloth is the perfect solution. So why wait? Get your hands on our fidget cloth and feel your blood pressure drop today!

Cloth is 75% polyester and 25% spandex and machine washable

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